Monday, 11 August 2014

Lift off! A live performance of The Siren Song. A winter's tale of love and origami.

A jaded siren, weary of heroes who always want something, goes on a quest to find a nice guy.

This is a recording of a live improvised performance from a gig with the marvellous Oxford Improvisers orchestra at The Old Firestation in February this year.

I was both guest artist and orchestra member that evening. I gave the players a melody line as a starting point and we went from there. The Siren Song exists in a number of forms, the common ground is the set original lyrics. Players - Malcolm Atkins, Jill Elliot, Bruno Guastalla, Karen Kay and Pat Thomas.

Siren Song (c) Karen Kay



  1. Congratulations on making your first post, Karen! I hope there will be many more.


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