Monday, 25 August 2014

Singing Women in Lesotho

Today the Piano Rocketship is visiting Lesotho.  

 We spent a memorable week at the Malealea Lodge in 2005.  Imagine being surrounded by spectacular scenery, smiling locals and the more than occasional playing of music.

 We were rather humbled to be invited by Gillian Attwood (on the right in the bottom picture), to sit in on an inter-village quiz on HIV/AIDS.

Gillian was involved with community development projects in the Malealea Valley with the Malealea Development Trust

As far as I remember, at that time, there were monthly quizzes. It was part of the ongoing support and education work of the Trust. After the quiz, the women sang and danced. Andrew and I did a duet in return.  He played his recorder and I sang...what more could we offer at that moment?

Photography: Andrew Kay of

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