Tuesday, 31 March 2015

From Mobius Trip to Pershore Abbey via the Scenic Route

Andrew and I had a wonderful evening making music with Chris Long and Paula Evans (a.k.a Aphelion) in Pershore Abbey.  That ole thing called chemistry!

A taster... my distillation of the evening.

It reminded my of why I love to sing.  I had never sung with Paula before and hadn't played with Chris for years.  Andrew hadn't played with either of them before.  There we all were, making music magic.  What bliss!

I met Chris many moons ago in Kingston-Upon-Thames, when I answered an advert for a singer to play in a band.  It was called Mobius Trip.   Here we are playing at a pub in Kingston:
I remember that shirt!  Chris is at the back on keyboards.  The other members are Leigh on guitar,  Frog on drums (apologies for forgotten surnames), Paul Warren on djembe and Alonza Bevan on bass (before Kula Shaker).

Meantime back at the present...more I say... more...


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