Thursday, 4 August 2016

A Wandering Minstrel I - Why am I singing in the streets?

I have wanted to do some street playing for a long time.    There are so many things I could say about why.  Is it the romance of being a wandering minstrel?  Ah yes, cue Gilbert and Sullivan:
 A wandering minstrel I
 A thing of threds and patches 
And dreamy lullaby ...

Well, yes of course it is that and what else?

Is it to be free from the strictures of finding a venue; getting permission to play; finding an audience; trying not to be out of pocket; asking friends to come (again) to hear me play; hoping  to earn some money for a change?

Well, yes of course it is that and what else?

Is it to start from the beginning again? Is it a response to everything I read on Facebook and beyond?  Is it to see if I can just go out pretty naked and connect with people one by one?  Can I bring a smile or a piece of happiness with music?  Is it to remind myself why I play music (after all the verb is play... can I just play and see what happens)?  Is there xenophobia in my own community?  Where is my community anyway?  Can 'just' playing music make a difference?

Well, yes of course it is that and what else?

Is it to have a wild adventure?  Is it because it is an idea that won't leave me alone?  Is it because the thought of doing it makes me very happy?   Is it because I love to sing and surely that must be enough.  What happens when you take the thing you love to do and do it... but first jump off the page...

As Mary Oliver says in her poem 'Wild Geese' - 
- The world offers itself to your imagination
   Calls to you like the Wild geese
  Harsh and Exciting
Over and Over announcing your place
In the family of Things

There were a few people who inspired me to take the plunge and actually head out on 23rd July (just over a week ago) to sing some songs and at Gloucester Green Market and Bonn Square.  Feels like each one of them must have a post of their own.  For now, here I am... fully plunged...

 at Bonn Square.  Andrew can be seen in the reflection and Pink Fluffy Monster puppet came along too.   Stu Allsop took some fabulous photos and so did Andrew.   This is one of Stu's. Thanks Andrew, Stu and PFM!  Next plunge... post this...


  1. And you were fabulous. I am so proud of you, for your voice and for your courage!

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