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Welcome to the KAEK website.

What is KAEK?

Well, it's my initials (Karen Ann Epstein Kay) and also sounds like Cake (Does cake need an explanation?)

Here are some things that are either happening to me, for me, because of me or in spite of me. Basically, it’s all about me. Awkward. But it has to be done.Speaking of awkward, this website carries a standard awkwardness rating of 53.59.  You see it’s all about stuff I’ve done, want to do, will be doing and so on.  

It will contain shameless self promotion; self praise and and just general declarations of the fabulousness of my work and myself.  So it goes. Has to be done.  There, I’ve said it now…

I grew up loving stories and music.   I loved to listen to the radio and to records and heard everything from Louis Armstrong to The Goon Show.  I read and devoured books like a crazy girl.

My sister and I had a book of English Traditional Songs.  She would play the piano part and I would sing along.  It was an endless competition to see who could get to the end first. What fun it seemed to gasp that sweet word - 'Finished', breathlessly. 

In the creative world, it seems that anytime I find myself gasping - 'Finished!' (breathlessly and exhausted) it turns out that the 'finished' thing just continues or evolves into something new.   I am back at the beginning.  

- I am currently doing a big reworking of this site - not yet finished...mmmmm...  seems that making a website works just like all other creative efforts....  



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