I grew up loving stories and music.   I loved to listen to the radio and to records and heard everything from Louis Armstrong to The Goon Show.  I read and devoured books like a crazy girl.

My sister and I had a book of English Traditional Songs.  She would play the piano part and I would sing along.  It was an endless competition to see who could get to the end first. What fun it seemed to gasp that sweet word - 'Finished', breathlessly. 

In the creative world, it seems that anytime I find myself gasping - 'Finished!' (breathlessly and exhausted) it turns out that the 'finished' thing just continues or evolves into something new.   I am back at the beginning.  

Sometime last year, it felt time to rename my website.

‘Odd Feat Foreword,’ I said,’what shall I say if anyone asks why?’

‘Just say,’ said grandpa, ‘ that it’s called Odd Feat Foreword, because that is its name’.

‘That’s not an explanation,’ said I, ‘ that’s just self referential.’

‘Well, let me ask you something ‘ said grandpa ‘How does it make you feel?’

‘Well, I said .  ‘ here’s the strange thing.  I don’t fully understand the name but it is strangely comforting. Oddly, even more so since the pandemic. At any rate, it makes me smile’

‘Wonderful’, said grandpa ‘remember this, I’m just a character in a story called 'Roost', so don't expect my advice to be completely logical.'  

'Go on' he said 'it's time to present the show'.

So....gentle folks ....Here I present to you, ROOST - a musical show.  Are you ready? Then we will begin.... let us turn the page to Chapter One. 

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