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2011 Show: Songs from a Mirror World - the song 'Sandman' - with animation.  

I've modified the lyrics and accompaniment to Sandman a bit since this video
was made.  It has had 1000 views on Youtube - I wonder, should I have left the song as it was? (Scroll down for the newer version)

2015: Story Songs, Bagatelles and Further Curiosities with Késia Decoté Rodrigues.
Performances filmed at The Playground on Fire Festival held at The Old Firestation, Oxford.

Improvised performance of 'Ode to Socks' .

Wonderful Késia Decoté on keyboard.
Extraordinary Bruno Guastalla on cello.


'House Of Coffee'.

Whoops! The King of Sleight of Hand playing card...has fallen out of the House of Coffee video...

2016: Solo performance of story songs in CARU Anniversary Event at Ovada

Improvised Performance of 'Don't Hide the Madness'

...And now for some Dave Frishberg Blues...

 with the wonderful Trish Elphinstone Quartet live at The Half Moon pub, Oxford on 27th April 2016.  Peel Me A Grape written by Dave Frishberg.
TEQ musicians :  Trish Elphinstone - saxophone
                               Martin Pickett       - piano
                               Tim Richardson    - drums
                               Esther Ng                - bass


 More Videos Coming Soon... the meantime there are some more videos on my Youtube channel...


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